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Essex Tuition Centre is here to help pupils gain confidence and self esteem to reach their potential by achieving the best grades in their exams.





















































































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Reward scheme for students

Essex Tuition Centre operates a reward scheme to encourage and motivate the children to reach their maximum potential.

The reward scheme aims to benefit the child in the following ways:

·         Encouragement to complete their homework to the best level possible

·         Promotion of good behaviour during their tutorials

·         Motivation to attend all their extra tuition lessons


Outline of the reward scheme

Each child will be provided with a “Star Reward Chart” when they join Essex Tuition Centre. They will be provided with reward stickers whenever they complete their work to the required standard. Once the whole chart is completed with stickers, they will be eligible for a prize.

There are four opportunities to collect stars:



1.    Attending the lesson on time. If the student is more than 5 minutes late, they will not be eligible to collect the sticker

2.    Fully completing their homework to the required standard

3.     Good behaviour during the lessons. This will be decided by the tutor

4.     Achieving a result more than 80% in their unit tests



We, at Essex Tuition Centre, hope your child will enjoy the scheme and keep working hard in gaining excellent results in the future.


If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us on the details on Contact Us page.

Reward Scheme