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Testimonial 1:

"I would like to thank the ‘Essex Tuition Centre’ for the support that the centre has given my daughter over the last 18 mths.

My Daughter started at the centre in March 2009 after we had identified that she had fallen behind in her maths. She is an extremely bright child, but we found her ability to apply herself in maths was always below the high standard she was able to achieve in other subjects.

In March 2009, we contacted the Essex Tuition Centre and arranged an assessment of her level and ability. The results confirmed our thoughts and we immediately started sending her for tuition lessons. We found the homework set very challenging for her which stretched her to work hard. The homework feedback was always very encouraging and she was soon able to grasp mathematical formulae very quickly, within 8 months her ability and standard had increased noticeably and she gained confidence.

We decided to enter her for the 11+ exams in order to ascertain her ability and level. She was entered for 3 separate exam for both Grammar Schools and Boarding Schools. In March 2011, our daughter had gained a place at 2 of the 3 schools that she sat the exams for.

We would like to thank Essex Tuition for their support and encouragement, had it not been for there intervention and support our daughter would not have achieved such results. We can proudly say that our daughter’s future academic achievement will be build on the excellent foundation knowledge she has gained as a student at Essex Tuition Centre.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff who worked really hard at ensuring my daughter worked to her full potential, and as a result her future look bright."

By Mrs Joseph, Parent


Testimonial 2:

" Ayo started Essex Tuition Centre I think in April 2010 and he was taught very well by the teachers at Essex Tuition Centre that he was able to pass all the three 11+ exams he sat for.  Ayo has gained admission to Westcliff High School which is his 1st choice.  I will recommend Essex Tuition for anyone who wants to send their children to grammar school.  The teachers at Essex Tuition centre are all well qualified teachers."

By Toyin, Parent



Testimonial 3:

" The main factor for us in choosing Essex Tuition Centre was the location and flexible tuition times. The child is provided with 1-2-1 tuition with clear instruction on topics covered. The literature and teaching material used is also very easy to understand. The tuition is well geared to each child/ young persons ability, the group sizes are quite small which creates a better atmosphere to learn. "

By Audrey, Parent


Testimonial 4:

" Thank you very much for your support and encouragement to Shekinah over the last year, we have seen a remarkable improvement in her maths performance over this period and believe you have brought her a long way from where she first started back in March 2010. We are very pleased with her test results."

By Mrs Joseph, Parent



Testimonial 5:

"My son Devmin joined Essex tuition centre in July 2010 specifically for 11+ preparation. He sat Kent & Essex tests and passed both test while attaining top marks 

(100%) for Kent test and did gain admission to his first choice school King Edward Grammar in Chelmsford. The support he received from Essex Tuition centre was excellent and the teaching material was very high quality. Due to small class size teachers are focusing on the abilities of the individual child rather than the group.

You get much better value for your money at Essex Tuition centre than any other Tuition centre in this area."

By Hiran, Parent



















































































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